Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Spark?

    A brand new online course from the career marketing expert at Chick-fil-A. Spark is designed to empower business owners and organizational leaders to create transformational change in the company’s culture. Over the course of 10 online sessions and a complimentary Spark Playbook, you’ll discover the 10 proven principles that will help you discover your organization’s “secret sauce” and drive exponential growth.

  • Who is this online course for?

    Spark is for any business owner, entrepreneur, ambitious executive or culture leader looking to create positive change in their company’s culture. Business owners and service providers of small to medium-sized companies will find the practical advice impactful and transformational, but companies and organizations of all sizes can benefit from the timeless truths therein.

  • What does it include?

    Your investment in Spark includes lifetime access to all 10 Spark Sessions as well as the accompanying Spark Playbook. Additionally, you will receive the 3 Steps to Remarkable Service eBook and two bonus Q&A video sessions.

  • Is the VIP course right for me?

    The VIP Course is for anyone looking for a personal touch to their learning experience. Following your completion of the course videos, you will participate in a one-on-one hour phone call with David himself to discuss what you learned and ask questions related to your specific situation. David rarely takes any consulting clients, so this is truly a unique opportunity! Additionally, you will be invited to two topical "Chalk Talk" live webinars with David to deep dive some of VIPs' most asked about topics.

  • Who is David Salyers?

    David Salyers was one of the original two marketing executives at Chick-fil-A. He’s a sought-after speaker and writer and has helped dozens of startups find their “secret sauce.” He now offers his proven principles of business growth in his first-ever online course, Spark.

  • Why should I buy this now?

    We’re in a unique window of history that is affording business owners an opportunity to pivot during a time of crisis. How you respond now will affect whether your business survives the next crisis. Spark contains the time-tested wisdom to navigate economic changes and create a business culture that thrives year after year.

  • What if I purchase the course, then discover it’s not right for me?

    We offer a Spark Guarantee that removes any risk for you to purchase this course. If you buy and go through the course and find it wasn’t beneficial to you, contact us for a full refund. There is simply so much value you’ll get from it, the only way to fail is to not act. The power is in your hands.

    You can go from:
    Giving paychecks to developing dreams
    A bigger focus to better focus
    An average organization to a remarkable brand

    It starts from the inside out. Begin your brand revolution today.